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A Change of Pace: Back Alley Brawl

“This bear comes out of nowhere and then slaps us around like we’re his hoes.” – Stan Burdman, professional reviewer


It’s easy to comment and blog about professional games with well made mechanics and competent programming. So lets pick on a lousy PC game by the name of Back Alley Brawl, an incompetently made fighting game that’s available to download for free as no-one would pay for this, they wouldn’t even accept payment to play this.

Given the hot topic of my Game Engine’s class this week is A.I., Back Alley Brawl is an example of how NOT to design opponent A.I., one of the most important components of a fighting is challenge, it’s important that your opponent can fight at your level to keep the game interesting. The programmers of the A.I. in this game are the equivalent of a parents who lets their child wander all around the place. While you’re fighting, your opponent will walk around aimlessly and even keep walking into a wall. Someone hasn’t heard of the A* algorithm.


Not sure if complete moron or training like the protagonist from Turkish Star Wars.

I apologize for comparing the opponent’s A.I to a child, even a child knows not to walk into a wall. I remember my Introduction to Programming professor Amin Ibrahim commenting on the first day how a child will learn to not put its hand on fire after getting hurt once, while a program or machine won’t learn unless its code tells it otherwise. The first rule of coding, broken by people would can develop a functional game.


Where’s the playability? WHERE IS IT?

It’s quite the far cry from Namco Bandai’s Dragoball Z and Naruto games where the characters are always in a state of facing each other; all their movements are based on a grid with the camera managing to keep both players on the screen and opponent A.I. that doesn’t go wandering around. Though it helps that those games were programmed by decent human beings, rather than which ever chimp programmed this. He even inserted himself into the roster Shyamalan style with special guest character Miley Cyrus, another reason to play Namco’s fighters, they include guest characters in Soul Caliber who’ve had GOOD games.


The reason I chose to blog about this game is because unfortunately at our level, our GDW games are closer to the quality of this game than to something like Tekken. Whereas Tekken managed to make fighting a bear a popular and plausible contest outside the Russian Federation, this game stands as proof of PC gaming’s inferiority to consoles where you can download Tekken Revoltution for free. Sorry if I keep mentioning Namco a lot in this blog, being away from home for college causes withdrawal symptoms.