Under the Radar -: the official game


Under the Radar is a 2012 isometric adventure game design and implemented by Studio of the Beast, more commonly known as Studio 7. The story of this adventure is that the world has been taken over by a sinister alien race known as the Menrik Corps, semi-organic, semi-robotic, all sadistic. However, one champion rises above the rest to combat the alien occupation and restore liberty to his people, his name is Blake Stryx, and he is in the fight for his life, and the life of his home world.

The game was designed in adherence to the requirements for an Isometric Adventure Game, as tasking as it is we’ve managed to fulfill them. Our lead 3D artist made models with assistance from the 2D artist and Lead Designer.


Under the Radar contains 5 levels, all of which contain bosses which are progressively more challenging. All the bosses are representatives of the Menrik Corps, they are the strongest of the strong.


There are several weapons at Stryx’s disposal; you have a crowbar as a default weapon, guns, machine guns, grenades and a special EMP grenade.


–          Crowbar: default weapon

–          Gun: projectile

–          Machine gun: improvement on the normal gun

–          Grenades: to destroy enemies in a given radius

–          EMP Grenades: more destructive that its grenades

Power Ups:

–          Steroids: gives the player extra damage resistance



The goal of each level to reach the end of the level to fight the boss and gather the main confidence orb. It’s relatively simple, however the player will have to contend with several enemies such as Enslaved humans, flying drones, mechanized sentries and Alien Soldiers. Along with a slew of enemies, your path might be interrupted by doors and laser barriers which you must deactivate by destroying their respective power nodes.


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