Under the Radar :- The Board Game


Studio of the Beast

Rishon Talker – 100428656

Bassem Todary – 100425868

Connor McCarthy – 100426175

Corey Best – 100454537

Adam LeDrew – 100303439


–          At the beginning of the game players split into two teams. Humans and Aliens

–          An even number of players is recommended(max 6)

–          If there are only two players, they each control two or three tokens.

–          The five Orbs are placed on the green “Orb” spaces.



Human Rules

–          First the Human players choose an orange “Human” space to start on.

–          Then their turn, they can move up to two spaces.

–          If they pass over an alien, they can choose to use an orb to send that alien back to the spawn, wounded.

–          If they pass over or land on a weapon, they flip over to the “Weapon” side.

–          If they land on an orb, they are given the orb.

–          They can’t land on another human.

–          If they pass over a human, they can trade orbs and weapons.(You can only trade weapons if one player has a weapon and one player does not. Flip both tokens)

Alien Rules

–          Aliens all start on the purple “Alien” space.

–          On their turn they can move up to three spaces. If they are a bug, they can only move one.

–          They are not allowed to land on an orb(they can land on an “Orb” space as long as the orb has already been collected), or another alien(excluding purple alien spawn and during combat)





–          If two players on opposite teams land on the same space, combat starts.

–          Each alien and bug can then move up to three spaces. If they land on the space where combat is currently happening, they are now part of combat. If they land on a player not involved with combat, that combat does not start until this one is finished.

–          Each player rolls a six sided dice.

–          All the aliens add their rolls together, and compare with the human’s roll.

–          Then the Human may remove an orb in his possession from the game, and add three to his roll.

–          He may also flip from “Weapon” to “Unarmed” to add two to his roll.

–          Then any Human that is up to five spaces away, can flip from “Weapon” to “Unarmed” to add five to the human’s roll.

–          If there is a tie, the human is able to move up to four spaces.

–          If Human wins, all Aliens involved in combat are sent to the alien spawn. If they were previously “Unharmed”, they flip to “Wounded”. If they were “Wounded” they are now an “Alien Bug”.

–          If the Aliens win, they can move up to one space, but can no longer be on the same space as another alien. Human that was rolling the die is eliminated from the game.(remove player token)

Victory Conditions


Collect all the orbs. Orbs


Eliminate Humans


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