Market Race: A Farming Game

Bassem Todary – 100425868


Our game is a card game that is centred on the premise of the farmer’s market of Ontario.

We take into account which fruits and vegetables are in season in certain months over the year; it is a speedy card game in which you play as a farmer trying to harvest the best crops in the months you are given:



  1. 30 Fruits and Vegetable Cards
  2. 30 Month Cards
  3. 1 Reference Table
  4. 1 Timer

Set Up:

1) Shuffle the deck

2) Deal out 5 cards to each player

3) Place the rest of the cards face down in the center of the four players and spread them out to make a pile

4) Set and start the timer


Game play:

  • There are no turns; all players start at the same time.
  • Players must match the fruits and vegetable cards to the corresponding month that they are available in to make a pair.
  • Once a pair has been made, the player must place the pair face up in front of them.
  • Each fruit or vegetable must only be matched to one of the corresponding months. For example, pears are available August through November, but the player can choose any month in that time frame and match their pear card to any month.
  • Players may pick up cards from the pile and place them in their hand, but they must match them to release them.
  • A player may also discard a card from their hand, but in turn must pick up 2 cards from the pile.
  • The goal is to match all the cards in your hand before the time runs out.
  • The winner of the game is the player who matches all their cards before time runs out. If no players have matched all their cards before time runs out, the winner is the player who made the most pairs.

The game was not too difficult to make, it just took a bit of research and creating the cards was not too hard either. If you are going into this game, it can useful to have some knowledge of the harvest seasons since this game relies on speed.



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