Mechanical Mayhem – The Second Edition


Mechanical Mayhem is a game where as a mad scientist that must collect as many robotic pieces as they could, when all the pieces have been collected the player with the most pieces wins, very self-explanatory and relatively simple. The idea was that each player had their own set of robotic pieces to collect; they could not collect other players’ pieces, and the player to collect all of their own pieces first wins.

The board is broken up into 9 tiles as this allows players to generate a different board every time they play the game. The tiles are to be placed in a certain pattern, detailed in the rules. Though this does little to effect the number of combinations that players can create.

Collecting itself would be a bit too easy so there are some cards that the player can choose to draw in exchange for their movement, so instead of moving that turn they draw a card. These cards can benefit you, deter others, as well as hurt you as well. So there is always some risk in sacrificing your movement.

The Original Gameplay Rules:

1) Shuffle the tiles then place them in a 3×3 formation.
2) Place all place pieces in the center square of board.

3) Each player places 4 robot pieces on any square of any adjacent tile.

4) Players can choose between either drawing a gadget card or moving their piece.

5) If the player chooses to move their piece they must role a D6 and move that many spaces.

6) If the player chooses to draw a gadget card, they draw from the top of the deck and can either play it the card immediately or hold it in their hand.

7) When a player lands or passes over a square containing a robot piece, they claim that piece and add it to their robot pile.

8) The game is done when all the robot pieces have been collected and the player with the most pieces wins.

9) Players can move any direction except diagonally.

10) Players can hold a maximum of 2 cards in their hand.

11) Should players have more than 2 cards they must either play or discard cards until they have, at most, 2 left in their hand.

My own rules:

1)The player draws the gadget card from anywhere in the stack, but they must play the card immediately.

2)The goal of the game will be to be not to collect 4 generic robot pieces, but to collect two of your own pieces and one from each other player.

3)The piece will be player specific as originally planned before it was changed the last time.

4)Players will be able to move diagonally.

5)In order to collect the piece you need to win the game, one of the gadget cards you might draw will be one that either forces a player to surrender a piece of their choice or a gadget card that gets you a piece but at your opponent’s choosing.

My Thoughts:

Originally the initial design went against the instruction set down by the assignment in that it involved players trying to reach a goal first (collecting all 4 of their robot pieces). This was resolved by changing the robotic pieces from player specific to something more generic and made it where the player who gets the most wins. Since I’m not bound by that ruling for this assignment, I’m reinstating the individual player pieces. The original backstory was that disaster struck several scientists and they must retrieve their pieces, so my twist on this tale is that the scientists would like to use someone else’s pieces in hopes of a different outcome this time around. I think this change would help make the game experience more challenging in the sense that you must gather certain pieces this time and be forced to exchange pieces in hopes of getting what you want but be forced to pay for the consequences of your actions.


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