Territory Acquisition Game: Pirate WaARRs




The Great Wall, a wall separating the East and the West, slices through the sea. Beyond lies the mysterious lands, filled with untold riches and ripe for the taking! The world belongs to those take it! So raise the colours and conquer what is rightfully yours!

You play a captain of your pirate ship bound for the mysterious lands beyond the wall with full intent on occupying them. But at the same time you must protect the lands you call your own from other pirates to keep them yours. Reign supreme in your own lands or claim the bounty beyond the wall? The choice is yours.


  1. The way the game is played differs depending on the amount of players (which need to be even) but the rules are generally the same.
  2. If the case of 4 players, each team covers 14 of their own islands, in any formation they would like. At least one island must be covered on each row.
  3. If the case of 2 players, each player must cover 21 of their own islands, in any formation they wish. At least 1 island must be covered on each row.
  4. Each island has 3 sections; each has one island cube on it with the green side facing up representing that it has yet to be conquered.


  1. Each player starts with 2 ships and places their ships on their docks which are represented by the brown colored spaces. Players located on the same side of the center “border” are on the same team.
  2. Roll a D4 to determine who goes first.
  3. That player then rolls a D4 to determine how many spaces they are allowed move in total. Example: If Alex has 3 ships and roles a 3 he is able to move 1 ship 3 spaces or move all his ships 1 space.
  4. That player can then move their ship to any adjacent blue spaces on the board.
  5. Once movement has finished play continues clockwise.
  6. When a player is placed adjacent to an island that player has the choice of conquering that “slice” of the island. Unless it is already conquered by another player, in that case see Combat.
  7. When you have conquered a slice of an island turn the island cube so that your affiliated colour is on top.
  8. The game is won when all the islands on the opposing side are completely owned by the players of the opposite side. Example: White wins when all the islands on the Red side are conquered by the Blue team.


Other Rules:

  • Each island is broken up into 3 sections. Each section is worth 3 gold pieces.
  • Gold is the currency used in the game and can be used to purchase additional ships and can be used to bargain with other players for slices of island.
  • Use paper to keep track of your gold.
  • To pass to the adjacent blue spaces on the other side of the “wall” a player must pay 5 gold to pass.
  • Each player can command a maximum of 4 ships total.
  • Players must pay 20 gold piece to purchase an additional ship.
  • New ships always start at their respective docks.
  • Treasure chests are scattered throughout the board, placing a ship over a treasure chest allows a player to draw a single card.
  • These cards have the ability to give gold to the holder, take gold from another player, forcibly take a slice of an island, allow a player to pass the border unchallenged, and to take over an entire island at once, wipe them clean of their previous owners, and destroy opponent’s ships, and destroy your own.
  • These cards can held in your hand and can be played at any time unless specified.


  • Two players, an invader and a defender, fighting one another for a section of the island must roll a D6 and the player with the higher role keeps their slice. In a tie defender always wins.
  • If the invader loses then they are sent to one of the red spaces on the “border”, the opposing team’s choice of which space they are sent to.
  • If the defender loses then they lose that slice of the island.

The game from a design perspective seems to be a rather exciting experience as it makes the player make numerous decisions during play which affect the outcome of the game. I look forward to play testing it and hopefully it does not require too much tweaking.

My Thoughts:

I really like the premise of the game, I’m a fan of pirates and high seas adventures, and I like the idea of traveling to different islands, conquering them and defend them from other players trying to overtake what I worked for. The board is vivid and colorful, despite being simplistic and relying more on iconography and colors, it represents the pirate themed game quite well and is visually appealing to look at.


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