My first Game Design Project: A Series of Unlucky Incidents

You play as an unlucky high school student as he goes through the day; however his bad luck never lets his day go as planned. Your goal is to progress with as little mishaps as possible.

How do you play you may ask, here’s how:

This game can be played by either yourself or more people. The only thing you need is a dice, and something to keep score with such as pen and paper. You roll the dice, the higher the number, the worse your luck will be on the scale of 1 to 6 in which ‘1’ is merely a nuisance, while ‘6’ is a disaster make sure you write down what you got in each position.

When you get to the big one, what I call the “Final Boss”, you roll the dice as you would in any other square, but the number you get here will be multiplied by each number you previously got on all the other events, then you calculate the summation of the number you got here with every number you got in the previous turns. Then you will calculate the average of that summation by dividing by 108, it will come out in a number between 0 (lucky) and 5 (unluckiest), if you get a decimal number, round to the nearest whole number. Here is the formula:

Fb = Final Boss dice roll

n = Number of all the previous events

(Summation of) Fb(n)/108

As a result of your luck throughout the game, here’s what happens in the end given all the possibilities, in this scenario you are confronted by burglar:

      1. Turns out to just want to know the time
      2. Cat and steroid using dog come out, attack you instead.
      3. Robs your house, you get blamed for it
      4. Gets beat up by crowbar
      5. Turns out to be transvestite who found you.
      6. Kills you

So you better hope you get a ‘1’ in the end.

Contrary to its appearance, it’s not a “race to the end” game, all players are always on the same position until they finish their turns and move onto the next event. The game is essentially a game of chance with each player hoping they get the lowest number possible in order to make it alive at the end of the day. The game is built more on entertainment value over competitiveness as I’ve included cards that convey what happens when you get a certain number on the dice. Here are two examples:

Freshening up

1. Slips on soap and lands on head.

2. Wipes his hands on dirty towel

3. Used grandpa’s toothbrush

4. Used superglue instead of tooth paste, toothbrush gets stuck.

5. Wipes face on dirty towel, makes it look like he has blackface, gets sue for racial insensitivity.

6. Used whipped cream instead of shaving cream and gets attacked by the cat.

Having breakfast

1. Milk turning out to be spoiled

2. Dead rat found in the fridge being eaten by millions of ants.

3. Chair breaks, spills cereal and hot coffee all over himself.

4. Microwave explodes in your face.

5. Tries to watch TV during breakfast, Barney the dinosaur is on.

6. Accidentally puts laxatives in coffee, gets extreme diarrhea, does not make it in time.

This is done to be humorous in order to add to the game’s entertainment value, by thinking of the average activity a high school student could go through in a day and think of the most ludicrous incident that could occur.


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